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Huawei MediaPad M6: Kirin 980-equipped tablet gets Ark Compiler on update

At the end of June, Huawei introduced its MediaPad M6 tablet with Kirin 980 and 2K screen . Now the device has received an update with the Ark Compiler feature , which arrives as a successor to ART and aims to increase the level of the Android experience.

In practice, the compiler brings improvements related to the responsiveness and smoothness of the system - also acting on applications. In addition, it is considered the first of the segment to have multilingual optimization.

This means that developers can compile multiple languages ​​into a single machine code simultaneously. The action would occur without having to create additional consumption in different languages.

The new update for the MediaPad M6 still contains enhancements to points such as fingerprint unlocking performance, voice assistant features, user interface - for third-party apps -, touch sensitivity and pen experience.

It is worth remembering that the tablet was released in two versions, with differences in screen size: one with 8.4 inches and the other with 10.8 inches.

What is your assessment regarding the inclusion of the Ark Compiler for the Huawei tablet? Tell us!


Windows Phone 8.x and Windows 8 will no longer get app updates as of today - upgrade now

If you've got a Windows phone that's running Windows Phone 8 or 8.1, there's some bad news. As of today, Microsoft won't be distributing app updates through the Microsoft Store on those platforms, as was announced last August. On those versions of the OS, the Store is pretty much dead. Not distributing app updates should also mean that you can't download apps at all.

There's good news and there's bad news here. The good news is that if you're on Windows 10 Mobile, you'll still get app updates that are supported for your build. Every Windows Phone 8.1 device that was eligible for an upgrade is now officially unsupported, with the Lumia 640 and 640 XL getting Windows 10 version 1703 and everything else getting 1607, so the apps will need to support Windows 10 builds 15063 and 14393, respectively, to get the update.

The bad news is that to get to Windows 10 Mobile, you actually need to install an app from the Microsoft Store. At the time of publishing this article, that's still possible. You'll need to get the Upgrade Advisor app, which will let you activate your phone for Windows 10 Mobile.

Also ending today is the distribution of app updates on Windows 8; however, Windows 8.1 apps will still get updates through July 2023. Once again though, you'll need to use the Microsoft Store to jump from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1.

If you want to continue to receive any kind of app support through the Microsoft Store, you'll need to upgrade your devices now if you're on Windows Phone 8.x or Windows 8. The reason it has to be now is because the only upgrade paths are through the Microsoft Store.

Huawei is internally testing the EMUI 10 based on Android Q

With all this trade tension between the US and China , and the US government encouraging a number of companies (even overseas) to "boycott" the Chinese manufacturer - including Google - we know that the brand is already working on a b can use Android more.

Fearing this uncertain future, many mobile operators even started to underline the sales of Huawei smartphones , after all, they did not know if the company could continue to provide software support to its customers.

Here's a new leaked hope for all brand fans about future software updates: apparently it will not be this time that Android will bid goodbye to the smartphones sold by the company.

Recent information shared by leaker FunkyHuawei detail that the brand is already working on its next version of EMUI (in this case, the tenth edition of the interface).

According to him, the system is already being tested extensively internally by Huawei, which reiterates plans to launch a new version of Android for laptops.

It is worth remembering that during IO19 the Mate 20 Pro , top of the line of Huawei, was one of the models that gained access to the third beta of Android Q - despite having been removed from the list of devices eligible for the update a few weeks ago.

That is, nothing Ark OS for Huawei smartphones, not for the time being at least - the news should calm many who were thinking of acquiring a smartphone from the company  


Leak reveals apps appearance with dark mode on iOS 13

The Apple must have iOS 13 on Monday (3) during the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The brand's new operating system is expected to arrive with the native dark mode and new tools for applications such as Reminders and Mail.

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Last week, a designer even came up with a concept to demonstrate the look of iOS 13 on iPads and iPhones , but now a leak reveals the exact design of some features. The screenshots were shared with the 9to5Mac website and released on Tuesday (28).

According to the images, the dark mode of iOS 13 can be activated through System Settings or a shortcut available in the Control Center, which allows quick access to certain features. With the tool, users can change the color scheme of the system to reduce the brightness of the device and ease the visual discomfort.

On the home screen, the only noticeable change is the Dock, an area that shows the applications most used by the user (or the ones he chose to be there). With the dark mode, the background of the Dock adopts a vibrant dark tone instead of the clear.

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While the dark mode is on, the Music application displays a true black tone, not the dark gray chosen by companies like Google . The color looks good on the OLED device and can impact the battery life of the device - for the better. This is because the OLED display would no longer use power to turn on the screen's pixels.

Another Apple change changes the interface that appears after a screenshot. Instead of displaying a gray background with small marking tools at the bottom, the device features a version of the user's wallpaper with realistic annotation tools. The same interface has also been redesigned on the iPad, but also allowing the user to drag the annotation capabilities across the screen.

The Reminders application is also undergoing a redesign in iOS 13 - the change should reach through to MacOS 10.15. In the iPad, for example, the new application gains a sidebar with separate boxes in "Today", "Scheduled", "Signed" and "All". In addition, users have access to a search box and a collection of lists.

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In this new version of iOS 13, the Find My Friends and Find My iPhone applications will be unified. In its place, the "Find My" appears, which has been significantly improved: in addition to including all the features of the two applications, the application displays a map that fills the entire screen of the device with two tabs: one listing the family and friends of the and the other showing the person's own devices. When the dark mode is activated, the map has the same appearance as Maps in MacOS Mojave.

After the official announcement of iOS 13, the first beta for developer should be available immediately, with the public beta being released in the following weeks. In the event, Apple also must reveal the new versions of the other operating systems of the brand. Android and Health will be accompanying WWDC live and will bring readers all the news in real time - the event starts next Monday (3).


Google can launch full screen capture function on Android R

One of the most awaited functions for Android users is the "Scroll Capture", also known as "Full Screen Capture". It seems that Google is planning to include this feature in its mobile operating system, as Dave Burke, Google's vice president of engineering for Android, mentioned on Twitter that he hopes to be able to add it in the future Android R.

Although it is good news, there is still nothing concrete, as the executive said that his team "may be able to" carry out the development of the function. That said, Android software engineer Dan Sadler came into the conversation and accepted Burke's challenge.

It is good to see that Google is positioning itself more palpably on the subject, as during a Google I / O debate this year, Burke said the appeal was a "good idea" and that "there is no reason to not do it. " However, it was soon explained that adding the entire screen capture feature was not a company priority at this time.

That way, you can understand that at best, this function will be present in a future Android R and not the next Android Q. Obviously, smartphone users from Huawei , LG , OnePlus , Samsung or Xiaomi should feel no difference, since manufacturers already include this factory function.

Source: Android Authority

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Redmi Note 7 Pro gets the Fortnite support in the latest Update

Redmi Note 7 Pro was Launched in the Month of March 2019 , and everything till now seems going good , The Redmi Note 7 pro got great response from the Fans

But after the launch of the Realme 3 pro there sstarted a competition between the Redmi and realme, 

Realme teased its Phone with a fortnite supportive phone and this caused the problem with the Redmi Note 7 Pro which doesn't supported the fornite till now, as the GPU of the redmi was capable of running a game but there needed to be some fix for that.
After the Realme 3 pro teaser redmi has committed that they will bring the Fortnite Support for redmi note 7 pro in their upcoming update.

Working on their commitment Xiaomi has Finally started rolling the much awaited Update with Fortnite Support
Although the game is only playable in low graphics setting but Xiaomi has kept its promise for makimaking the Fortnite available to the Redmi Note 7 pro

The Fortnite Support news was tweeted by the Xiaomi MD Manu Kumar Jain, he said that he is trying the new fortnite on Redmi Note 7 pro

The News has spread the many Xiaomi groups lime the fire as the fans were eagerly waiting for the update

The updates also comes with the Noice fix for the device, nothing more seems to be changed except fortnite support and noice fix.

Stay Tuned For More :)

Developer Booted Windows 10 on OnePlus6T

 Bas Timmer a developer from Netherland alias NTauthority some how managed to boot Windows 10 on OnePlus6T, not only this but he also managed to run into a blue screen of death (BSOD) error
Timmer shared no Information about how to boot windows on OnePlus6T, may be it was not very gratifying experience.

Timmer also noted that touch should easily work on 6T as the 6T uses a Synaptics touchscreen controller. Later on he shared the Windows 10 running on the OnePlus 6T with fully functional Windows Ink. The touchscreen responsiveness looks really good. Next, we can see Chromium up and running as well.  The icing on the cake is Call of Duty Modern Warfare working on the OnePlus 6T. How cool is that? Give Timmer a follow on Twitter to follow the development of this project.

Timmer posted a short video on Twitter, showing the PC version of 2007’s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare running on the OnePlus 6T. The hacker notes that he’s indeed using Windows on Arm to help enable this feat.

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First Unofficial Custom Rom Released for Redmi Note 7 Pro

Redmi Note is a fully featured Mid range Phone which just blown the minds by its price and features, Redmi note 7 pro (the beast) which was released a month ago and its kernel source was released within 15 days of its launch.   After the release of the kernel source the developers had finally comeup with the first unofficial custom rom.

A custom Android ROM refers to a phone’s firmware, based on Google’s Android platform. Android is open source and therefore any developer can edit the code, recompile it, and re-release for a wide variety of devices. Users can install ROMs to change a device’s appearance and behavior. ROMs are developed by the Android community, often times by a group of core developers who do this purely out of passion for modding. This means that most are completely free. Custom ROMs are available for phones, tablets, media players, smart watches and almost any type of device running Android.

When you buy your Android device, it comes with what we call a “stock ROM” or the “stock firmware”. This refers to the preinstalled operating system. This ROM usually has limited functionality as defined by the phone’s manufacturer. By flashing a custom ROM, you can unlock extra features and sometimes improve the performance.

For installing the custom rom a USER must have to Unlock the Bootloader of Redmi Note 7 Pro  and need to flash The custom Recovery after that he can install and enjoy the custom rom

Instructions :
Boot to recovery
Make sure you have flashed vbmeta with verity,verify disabled
Flash vendor patch
Flash the latest build
Flash our gapps


Unofficial Lineage OS For Redmi Note 7 pro