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Team Fortress 2 hat economy in disarray as bug guarantees Unusual items from loot crates 

Many Team Fortress 2 players are either currently having their best day or worst day, depending on who you ask, as the rarest commodity in the game's economy, Unusual Hats, have suddenly become a common drop from Supply Crates (loot crates).

Following a small update to the game that was pushed by Valve yesterday on July 25, players have found some Supply Crates are dropping Unusual quality items 100% of the time. These items are a 1% drop normally, and go for hundreds to even thousands of dollars in both the Steam Community Market and other trading websites.

Looking into the Community Market right now, crates that were selling for $0.03 are now soaring in the $10-15 range. Meanwhile, many Unusuals that were dealing in the hundreds of dollars, have now fallen to $5-10 ranges. For instance, one Unusual Modest Pile of Hat item sold for $770 on June 26, but now it can be had for just around $10. Not a good day for those who've purchased these items for lavish prices previously.

Popular third-party trading websites, like Scrap.TF, have also been affected, with them disabling several Unusual Item related features. Even the Team Fortress 2 subreddit has been locked down until the "economy situation is resolved."

We will have to wait and see what Valve does regarding this absurd situation when the relevant development team realizes what that small update has done. We expect to see quite a lot of rollbacks and refunds.


Pre-registrations are now open for Pokémon Masters on Android and iOS

The Pokémon Company and DeNA's upcoming mobile game, Pokémon Masters, is still without an official release date, but you can now pre-register to be notified when it's available later this summer. The game will be available on Android and iOS, and pre-registrations are open on both platforms through the Play Store and App Store, respectively.

Along with the announcement, The Pokémon Company has released six new trailers for the game on YouTube. The trailers offer an overview of the game, moves, the battling system, sync pairs, and training.

Additionally, while the game doesn't have an official release date, the two companies behind it have announced an early test run for some regions. Users in Singapore will be able to preview a limited version Pokémon Masters starting later today, and those in Canada will also be able to test it soon. Sometime after that, the official version should be available worldwide, and those who tested the game can carry over their data to the official release.

The upcoming title will take players on a journey to beat the Pokémon Masters League, facing and teaming up with other trainers along the way. The game features 3v3 battles, as opposed to the more traditional style of battle in Pokémon games. Recently, it was also revealed that there will be an evil team, and it will be known as Team Break in Japanese, as reported by Serebii.


Fortnite 9.40 brings back Tactical Shotgun and implements Bluetooth microphone support on iOS

Fortnite's weekly update is on the air and with cheery changes to the players after a warm period in the game. The update 9.40 brings back the Tactical Shotgun in two new versions: Epic and Legendary. Beyond the Sniper Rifle.

The Tactical Shotgun can now deal 83 to 87 points damage, shoot 1.5 rounds per second, and get 8 cartridges. The damage is multiplied by 2.25 if the player hits an opponent's head.

It can be found in floor locks, trunks, supply deliveries, pick up conveyors, and vending machines.

The game also updated the operation of the Precision Rifle: now a zoom reduction has been implemented when looking.

Also added support for Bluetooth microphones for those who want voice conversations during games. The problem involving the disappearance of Conveyor Boxes when they were overthrown by players was also solved, and the previously unreachable trunk in the Torres Neo hotel now can now be opened.

Changes to the interface have also been confirmed, such as a new social hub for access to all connected third-party service accounts, plus larger buttons on the gesture wheel for more accurate clicks.

On the official Fortnite blog you check everything that has changed in detail. Check out:

Fortnite official blog - Click here

Remember, Epic Games has released several free games to win new gamers to your online store.

Xbox Insiders in the Alpha ring are now testing version 1908

It's been 10 days since Microsoft released the July 2019 Xbox Update, and while most suspected that Xbox Insiders would be on to 19H2 now, that's not the case. As it turns out, there's yet another monthly feature update before that happens, and the version number is 1908.

There are also no new features for the update yet, and the blog post for today's build doesn't even say that there are new features on the way. Microsoft's Brad Rossetti did, however, say that today's build 18362.6039 "has fixes we need asap to measure build quality."

The only fixes actually listed in the changelog are, "Various stability fixes to the system."
There are also a couple of known issues to be aware of:
  • Users who have Dolby Atmos enabled and console display settings set to 120hz with 36 bits per pixel (12-bit) are experiencing loss of Dolby Atmos audio in some situations.
    • Workaround: Disable 120hz or set Video Fidelity to 30 bits per pixel (10-bit) or lower.
Profile Color
  • Sometimes users may encounter the incorrect Profile color when powering on the console.
As of right now, the only people testing 19H2, or version 1910, of the Xbox One Experience are those on the Skip Ahead subset of the Preview Alpha ring. At least for the next month, the regular Preview Alpha ring will be on version 1908.

New trailer for Pokémon Sword and Shield reveals Gigantamax transformations and more

The Pokémon Company has released a new trailer for the upcoming Nintendo Switch titles Pokémon Sword and Shield, revealing some new characters, creatures, and a new kind of transformation called Gigantamaxing.

Starting with some of the new creatures, the new trailer officially revealed Yamper, Alcremie, Rolycoly, and Duraludon. The new Pokémon all have different types and aren't related to each other. It was also revealed that, similarly to previous games, some Pokémon will be exclusive to one of the titles in the pair, such as Larvitar in Shield and Jangmo-o in Sword.

Previously, the company had announced Dynamaxing as a transformation for every Pokémon in the game, which let them become gigantic and power up their moves. Today, the new trailer also revealed Gigantamaxing, a more exclusive transformation that not only increases the size of a Pokémon but also changes their appearance. According to the announcement, only some species are capable of this transformation, and even within the same species, only some will be able to do it.

In today's trailer, it was revealed that Drednaw, Corviknight, and the newly-revealed Alcremie are capable of Gigantamaxing. It's not clear what requirements have to be met for this to work, though.

The trailer revealed some new characters, including Gym leaders Bea and Allister. The former specializes in Fighting-type Pokémon and appears in Pokémon Sword, while the latter uses Ghost-type creatures and appears in Shield.

Finally, for those considering pre-ordering the new games, there are some bonuses. Those who buy the double pack announced earlier can get access to items called Dynamax Crystals, which get you access to Max Raid Battles with Larvitar and Jangmo-o earlier in the game, regardless of what version you play. If you pre-order from the Pokémon Center store, you can also get a plush keychain featuring one of the starter Pokémon in the games.

As a reminder, Pokémon Sword and Shield will be released on November 15 for the Nintendo Switch.

EA Access is coming to PlayStation 4 on July 24

At long last, gaming subscription service EA Access will finally be available to PlayStation 4 users. Although Electronic Arts announced plans to launch the service on the platform in May, the video game publisher gave only a rough release window of this July. EA today revealed that the service is coming to the PlayStation 4 on July 24. Subscriptions will set back members $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year.

Apart from the vast library of games, EA Access subscribers will also have the opportunity to try out new games published by the company before they are released, with the option to carry over the saved progress to the full game - should the player decide to purchase it. Additionally, Access members will also get a 10% discount on EA digital purchases on PlayStation 4, including full games, season passes, DLC and Ultimate Team content.

While pre-orders are not available, the official website does have a countdown to the launch date and an email alert option to notify those who are interested. The collection of games is small but EA has promised that more will be added soon. Here is the list of titles revealed so far:

  • Battlefield V

  • FIFA 19

  • NHL 19

  • NBA Live 19

  • Madden NFL 19

  • Unravel Two

  • A Way Out

  • Burnout Paradise Remastered

  • Fe

  • The Sims 4

  • Mass Effect: Andromeda

  • Titanfall 2
It must be said that PlayStation 4 is a tad bit late to the party as Xbox One and PC users have had EA Access for many years. This wasn't for lack of trying on EA's part though - Sony refused the publisher's offer in 2014 because the EA Access subscription did not provide "value" to PlayStation gamers in the Japanese company's eyes.


Pokémon Masters launches on smartphones this summer, more details revealed

At the end of May, a couple of weeks before E3, The Pokémon Company held a press conference, where the firm outlined some of its plans for the Pokémon franchise for the next year or so. Among the announcements was Pokémon Masters, a new title for mobile devices featuring many known characters from previous entries in the franchise.

Today, in a small YouTube presentation, the company unveiled some more details about the upcoming game. For starters, the launch date, which was previously only known to be sometime in 2019, has been narrowed down to a summer timeframe, which is probably closer than most would have expected.

In regards to the mechanics and story, players will take the role of a character striving to beat the Pokémon Masters League in the new Pasio region. During the adventure, popular characters from past Pokémon titles will show up and become either teammates or rivals. Each trainer has a single Pokémon that they use, forming what's known as a Sync Pair. At launch, there will be 65 Sync Pairs, but more will be added as time goes on, according to Serebii.

In battle, each side has three trainers, each with their own partner Pokémon on the battlefield at the same time. Rather than the typical turn-based combat in traditional Pokémon titles, battles happen in real time. An energy bar fills up as time passes, and as soon as there's enough energy, the player can use a move. Filling up more of the energy bar means stronger moves can be unlocked. There are also special Sync Moves, though it's not clear how these are used. In addition, trainers can use moves too, allowing them to heal or power up their Pokémon.

The Pokémon franchise already has a fairly strong presence in the mobile world thanks to offerings such as Pokémon GO, but Masters could have some more appeal for those who prefer the franchise's traditional style of play. As mentioned above, the game is expected to release sometime this summer, so you should have something to keep you busy until Sword and Shield release in November.


PUBG Corp. sets up new AAA studio for a narrative PUBG experience

PUBG Corporation, the company behind the battle royale hit PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) today announced that it's spinning up a brand new game development studio named Striking Distance. The studio's first project will be set in the PUBG universe, but it won't be another battle royale game. Instead, strangely enough it will be an "original narrative experience."

PUBG Corp. has managed to get Glen Schofield as the CEO for Striking Distance, who will be building a AAA "world class development team" to create this new project. Schofield's previous tenure was at Sledgehammer Games, the maker of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and WWII. He was also the mind behind Dead Space, the hit EA horror title.

“As a creative, the freedom to explore the PUBG universe has me excited about the possibilities, which I view as beyond the battle royale genre,” said Schofield. “Today represents a special moment for me and I’m so thankful to be taking this journey with the team at PUBG Corporation.”

As the studio is still in the process of hiring talent for this new project, it will be some time before we get to see what this "original narrative experience" will look like.

This is also not the first time PUBG Corp. has taken steps to expand the battle royale game's universe. Earlier this year, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds creator Brenden Greene stepped away from the game's studio, moving to a new research and development division under PUBG Corp.

Bandai Namco announces One Punch Man game for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4

Japanese video game developer Bandai Namco announced today an upcoming action game based on the popular anime and manga series One Punch Man. Titled One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows, the game will be available across multiple platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and as a digital release for PC gamers.

The game is being developed by Spike Chunsoft, a Japanese game development company that is known for adapting light novels, anime and manga titles into video games, which was also behind the development of Jump Force.

The action fighting game is set in the One Punch Man universe, where the lead protagonist, Saitama, can defeat any enemy with a single punch. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the video game. Unfortunately, the minute-long announcement trailer posted by Bandai Namco did not shed much light on this matter.

Players get to participate in three versus three battles as several characters from the original series, which seems to be the highlight of the title. So far the list of playable characters announced consists of Saitama, Genos, Hellish Blizzard, Speed-o'-Sound Sonic, and Mumen Rider. It is highly likely that Bandai Namco will reveal more characters as the game approaches its release date, as this is customary to the company.

As of right now, not much else is known about One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows. No hints were dropped on the announcement trailer, press release or on Bandai Namco's Twitter page as to when the game will come out or how much it will cost.


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite arrives in June for US and UK

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will arrive on June 21, at least in the United States and United Kingdom. The new game of Niantic ( Pokémon GO and Ingress) based on the wizard universe will use GPS systems equal to the others. The information came from an event held on Wednesday (19) by WB Games, which publishes the game.

The title arrives for Android and iOS in free format like the others from Niantic. The developer will also use the Niantic Real World Platform , an already advanced mapping system with augmented reality. This platform is the same created for Pokémon GO and Ingress, which uses the real streets of the player as a map for the game.

Also based on past experiences, Niantic has announced that it will launch public events, as they currently happen in Pokémon Go.

The game went live in beta for users from Australia and New Zealand. According to information from the event, the initial launch on June 21 takes place only in the United States. The promotional video itself also confirms date only for the two regions.

Just as it was in Pokémon Go , there will be releases from country to country. We got in touch with WB Games, which publishes the game in Brazil and we look forward to answering the date here.

The story of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is going on nowadays, with the player having to live a recruit of the Statute of Secrets of Magic Task Force (a partnership between the Ministry of Magic and the International Wizards Confederation).

As in Ingress , one must run after a series of witchcraft anomalies in the Muggle world (so-called non-wizarding). The reason for hiring new wizards for work is the imminence of the Catastrophe, as the wizarding world is beginning to be exposed.

Incidentally, JK Rowling, creator of the series, does not participate in the production of this game, which is licensed by the seal Portkey Games, aimed at releasing intellectual property for games.


Razer launches drink for gamers promising to improve focus and reaction time

The Razer launched on Wednesday (19) a drink that promises to improve mental performance gamers. The so-called Respawn is a powdered compound that must be mixed with water and contains ingredients to increase focus, reaction time and mental fatigue.

For now, the drink is only available to gamers from the United States and there is no forecast to reach Brazil. Razer says Respawn came as an April 1 prank, which turned on in 2010 when the company introduced a drink that improved the abilities of humans. With positive feedback from users, the so-called Project Venom came to life.

According to Razer, throughout the process, the company tested the product with eSports professional athletes and gamers, who gave their opinion on the taste and efficiency of the product. In the United States, the drink was launched in pomegranate flavors with watermelon, blue raspberry, pineapple and green apple.

 Razer also says that for years active users of the gamer community have been ordering a branded energy drink. When it decided to develop the Respawn, the responsible team began to evaluate the energy drinks in the market. "[The team] concluded that most of them are to provide more physical energy, which results in fatigue after peak power, just the opposite of what eSports players and professionals need."

The company ensures that Respawn improves focus and attention, without leaving the body high rates of sugar and taurine, common ingredients in energy drinks. In its composition, the product counts on green tea extract, B vitamins (like choline) and 95mg of caffeine. The drink is zero sugar and has 20 calories per package.

With the release, Respawn becomes a standalone product from Razer, with its own corporation and a team focused on bringing mental performance to players.


Success shot! PUBG Mobile has the highest monthly box office between games for smartphone

Anyone who is a regular player of PUBG Mobile knows the amount of paid content that exists within the game, even if it does not directly influence the gameplay. However, the high investment made by some people already makes this title the largest monthly collection among games for smartphone, reaching up to $ 146 million (~ $ 564 million in direct conversion).

Currently the game already has more than 100 million downloads, showing all the power of battle royale has with its target audience, as well as the high loyalty of those who have tested and enjoyed the dynamics of the most popular survival game of recent times.

This triumph was largely responsible for Tencent's continued profit from PUBG, so some analysts at The Financial Times say the game raised $ 146 million in May alone. According to information from Great Wall Securities, this figure would be the sum between the main title and Game For Peace, a less violent option created by the developer for the Chinese public.

And, dear reader, have you spent a few dollars in the game? Tell us there in the comments!


E3 2019 | Avengers game will be adventure coop and come next year

Square-Enix and Crystal Dynamics finally introduced the " Avengers game " that was already known to be in development. At the company's conference at E3 on Monday (10), were revealed narrative, characters and even release date. Called only from Marvel's Avengers , it arrives on May 15 for PlayStation 4 , Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia.

The company revealed a generous dose of trailers about the title. It will be an action adventure game with a third person character. It will be possible to play with some of the most iconic heroes of the first generation of MCU Avengers : Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow and Thor.

The story begins on the so-called A-Day. The heroes are in San Francisco revealing a new energy technology. The idea is that the new plane in the group has a specific type of new way of feeding itself with experimental energy. The problem is that this starts to cause devastation and the group is guilty of it.

The plot then begins five years after that day, when the Avengers are no longer recognized and the Earth fights in devastation. The narrative will be around forgiveness between the characters, self-knowledge and teamwork.

Despite bringing the original characters, the MCU actors do not lend a face to the games. Even so, the heroes of Marvel's Avengers have the voice of great industry bigwigs like Troy Baker ( The Last of Us ) and Nolan North (Uncharted).


The trailer is more focused on cinematic, but you can see a few moments of what appears to be the gameplay of the title. On the famous San Francisco bridge, the Golden Gate, the Avengers need to ride the cars and fight enemies around. You can see scenes of Black Widow and Thor in action with style next to a hack n slash of recent God of War .

The company has already informed that game will have cooperative history mode up to four people and must follow a game as a service system. That is, each season new characters and stories will be added to the title.

Despite the additional content, no new character, narrative and region added to the game will be charged. "We will not have loot boxes, or anything like pay to win," the company said. The game, however, will have customization and may have microtransactions.

The whole plot of Marvel's Avengers is original and will be centered on this event in five years after A-Day.

The development includes Eidos-Montréal, Nixxes Software, Crystal Northwest, Crystal Dynamics and Marvel Games.

Despite the release on several consoles, the company has a partnership with Sony and will launch a beta exclusively for PlayStation 4.

E3 2019: Microsoft confirms 'Project Scarlett' as next generation Xbox by end of 2020

The E3 season is one of the most anticipated dates for gamers in the year; where the giant companies and developers of the console and computer game world showcase some of their top news for the coming months and the public is thrilled with the announcements of their most anticipated titles.

During the late afternoon of this Sunday, Microsoft introduced news to fans of the Xbox brand during its E3 conference, and in addition to announcing exclusive titles for 2019 and preparing ground for next year, the company also revealed few details about the awaited next-generation Xbox consoles, which will replace the One line and provide even more impressive features.

8K, 120fps and SSD 

 At the end of the company conference, acclaimed Xbox division boss Phil Spencer returned to the stage to talk about the next generation of Microsoft games, which includes not only the consoles, but Project xCloud , which gained more detail during the event, confirming that players will be able to run the games in the cloud using their own Xbox One console to render the games. Unfortunately prices and dates were not revealed.

And then we came to the most anticipated part of the evening with Project Scarlett's official announcement, confirming rumors that this is the next-generation codename that includes Xbox Lockhart (successor to Xbox One S) and the powerful and surprising Anaconda Xbox One X).

In the event was released a video presentation where developers confirm that Scarlett will adopt Navi technology for the processor and rely on GDDR6 memory.

While the current generation works on 4K resolution with few titles and reaches a maximum of 60 fps, it has been confirmed that the next generation can run games at up to 120 frames per second and support for 8K resolution (although we do not know if games can work in such resolution).

Ray Tracing for the next generation is also confirmed, allowing developers to add extreme fidelity to game environments thanks to real-time rendering of brightness, allowing unprecedented reflections on varied surfaces.

As expected, support for SSD storage for the next generation of consoles has also been confirmed, which should reduce loading times on games, zero loading screens on many titles, and give developers even more focus on the details of your games.

Scheduled for release at the end of the year (December), many other details about the next generation of consoles are expected to emerge in the coming months, so be aware of TodoCelular so you do not miss out on rumors and official announcements.

What did you think of the news presented during E3 2019? Write your opinion here! 


Exclusive Xbox fighting game, Bleeding Edge leaks before E3

A few days of E3, the world's largest video game show, a leak revealed that Bleeding Edge will be Ninja Theory's newest game.

The information was released by the site Xboxer this Friday (7). The game will support multiplayer online mode, with PvP matches between eight players that will be split into two teams.

According to the images and video of Bleeding Edge , Ninja Theory has created characters focused on melee combat, but also fighting from a distance. Xboxer also says that each character has a unique look and its own special weapons, such as war axes, katanas and even guitars.

Bleeding Edge will host the battles in arenas of "a dystopian future with bright colors". It is worth mentioning that the title has not yet been officially revealed and the current information is based on the trailer leaked to Xboxer.

Also according to the site in question, an alpha test of Bleeding Edge will be released on June 27 this year. The game is being developed exclusively for Xbox One and PC. The Ninja Theory studio is also responsible for the Hellblade game and was purchased by Microsoft in 2018.

After the lamentation that was the announcement of the Xbox One in 2013, Microsoft has been rebuilding the steps of ant the image of the console and the Xbox brand. Learn what to expect from E3 2019 in this matter from Android and Health .


Xbox Game Pass officially arrives at Windows 10 with the availability of more than 100 games

Microsoft's Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, made a surprise announcement today, revealing that the subscription service for access to a game library, the so-called Xbox Game Pass , will be available for Windows 10. As well as the Xbox version , made official by the company two years ago, are more than 100 games for subscribers, which will be constantly updated.

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Some games that have the Xbox Play Anywhere feature can already be played on Windows 10 by Game Pass subscribers, but this new follow-up is dedicated to PC gaming.

The company said it is working with more than 75 publishers and developers to bring the games to the new platform, including names like Bethesda, Silver Deep, Devolver Digital, Paradox Interactive and SEGA.

In addition, it has been confirmed that Win32 games will be made available through the Microsoft Store in Windows. Phil Spencer says, "We recognize that Win32 is the application format that game developers love to play, and gamers love to play. This will open up more options for developers and players, enabling the customization and control they expect from the open-gaming ecosystem of Windows."

Another point that has been revealed is that some PC games from Xbox Game Studio will be offered through other PC stores as well as the Microsoft Store. Gear of War 5 and "Age of Empires I, II and III: Definitive Editions" must also be released on Steam.

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There is no other clear information about the service. Prices and release date were not disclosed. To do so, you'll need to follow the Xbox Briefing that will happen during E3 on June 9.


Computex | Nvidia reveals that new Wolfenstein is compatible with Ray Tracing

On Tuesday (28), during Computex 2019, Nvidia and Bethesda released a partnership for Wolfenstein's next big release , which will be released on July 26. Nvidia not only announced that the game will be compatible with the new technologies of Ray Tracing and Adaptive Shading, also revealed a partnership that should interest fans of games.

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From the moment of the announcement, the company started selling the "Born to Hunt" packages, which means that anyone who buys an RTX 2080 Ti, RTX 2080, RTX 2070 or RTX 2060 video card - or any computer they own some of these cards installed - you will receive as a gift a copy of Wolfenstein: Young Blood .

The promotion is valid for any purchase made until August 6, so players who are thinking about upgrading their video cards have just over a month to win to toast one of the great games releases of the year.

Ray tracing is an advanced graphing algorithm that takes into consideration the direction of light rays to create ultra-realistic images. The technology is used by movie studios to create ultra-realistic special effects, and is now also coming to video game games.

Adaptive Shading is a new rendering technique created by Nvidia that allows developers to adjust the rendering rates of each part of the screen to different values, reducing GPU work and increasing game performance without compromising image quality.

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Wolfenstein: Young Blood is the next title in the classic franchise shooting game about killing Nazis, and will be the first to offer a cooperative adventure for gamers. Young Blood will be released for PC, PlayStation 4 , Xbox One and Switch , but only the PC version will be compatible with Ray Tracing.

Leakage reveals all Microsoft's plans for the video game market

With a little less than a month left for E3 2019, this is the time when lots of information about what each company is preparing to present at the event. And for the first time in years, all eyes are on Microsoft, as it will be the only one of the "Big 3" (Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo ) to present a physical conference at the event (Nintendo will broadcast a special Direct as it comes making in recent years, and Sony surprised to announce that it will not be at the event this year).

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Last Sunday (19), the user of the NeoGAF forum, which claims to be someone with many contacts in the industry and uses the alias Braldryr to maintain its real anonymous identity, has released a lot of information about what Microsoft's next year will be like - basically everything which the company is preparing to show at E3 this year and some backstage information and negotiations that should be finalized by the end of 2020.

There is no way to be sure that this information is 100% correct (the user himself warns that, especially in the case of negotiations for the purchase of new studios, things can change a lot from one week to the next), but he has a history of good enough to at least take this information into account as existing possibilities.

Microsoft on E3 2019 

E3 Conference 2018

Most of the leak is about E3 in 2019 - after all, the event will happen in less than a month, so it's pretty sure that pretty much the whole script (or at least a good part of it) of what Microsoft will present is already set . Thus, the leaks on E3 are the only ones that the NeoGAF user spikes with absolute certainty that will happen. 

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Some are quite easy to get stuck because they are titles that have already been announced and one would expect the company to use E3 to show more about them. Among these titles we will have: Halo Infinite , from which a new trailer will be shown - developers will go on stage to talk about the process and mechanics of the game, and will reveal a launch window by the end of 2020; Gears Tactics , the tactical game of the Gears of War franchise , which will win a new trailer and a release date later this year; and Gears of War 5, which will show gameplay trailer of campaign mode and multiplayer mode, and Microsoft will confirm the release date for September this year, as it had been revealed a few months ago in a leak.

Among the lesser-known titles, Microsoft will also announce the release date for Ori and the Will of the Wisps , new content for Sea of ​​Thieves , and the first gameplay of the new Battletoads .

The company also prepares some small surprises for the event, and the main one will be the revelation of Age of Empires 4 , the return of the strategy game franchise that since 2005 was nothing new. Something that is not a surprise, but which will also be confirmed by the company, is the reboot of the Fable franchise , and the company will confirm that the open world RPG that Eurogamer released in 2018 that Microsoft was developing is even a Fable, but , contrary to what the rumors pointed out, will not be a Fable IV , but a new version of the first game. There will also be the revelation of Bleeding Edge, a new Ninja Theory game whose content is still a true mystery, and it is only known that it will have a sci-fi theme.

Microsoft will also bring hardware news to the event, revealing the first details about the next generation of Xbox consoles. The revelation will be similar to what the company did with Xbox One X at E3 in 2016 (or what Sony did with PlayStation 5 in April of this year), where several hardware specifications will be revealed but will not reveal any design as will the console. The company will also reveal more details about Project xCloud (the Xbox game streaming system), and will release the date of the first public tests of the project. Also, Microsoft will also confirm that Halo Infinite and Bleeding Edge will be cross gen titles, that is, they will be released for both the Xbox One and the new console.

E3 2019 will mark the beginning of the end of the Xbox One era (Image: Sérgio Oliveira / Canaltech)

Among titles that have not yet been confirmed, but there are rumors that they can make an appearance at the event, there are great chances that Microsoft will also announce a new game in the MechAssault series , in addition to rolling the announcement of a new game in the series Forza Motorsport . There are other possibilities that are talked about in the corridors of the company that may also happen in this E3, but with very small chances, such as the revelation of a new Rare IP that would be quite inspired by Sea of ​​Thieves (but not necessarily a continuation of the game ) and the long-awaited reboot of Perfect Dark .

But in addition to news from Microsoft, the conference will also feature various third party content - independent companies that develop their own games, such as Capcom. Usually these companies divide up between Microsoft and Sony to present their games but, as Sony will not attend the event this year, all of them will present their news together with Microsoft, which should make this year's conference a little bigger than to the previous ones.

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Among these companies, it is almost certain that Capcom will unveil at least one big new game - rumors point to a remake of Resident Evil 3 or a new game from the Dino Crisis franchise - but there is not yet certain what that title will be. Microsoft is also expected to use the E3 stage to announce some new partnerships with Japanese developers, so Xbox fans can expect some surprises in new RPGs for the console.

But the main news of these independent studios will be Cyberpunk 2077 , which promises to be one of the climax of the show, where representatives from CD Projekt Red will come on stage to talk about progress made in game development, showcase a new gameplay video and reveal the launch of the game.

Negotiations with studios 

Phil Spencer is always looking for new studios to acquire (Image: Microsoft)

In addition to what to expect from Microsoft's presentation at E3 2019, it also revealed some information about studios that Microsoft is negotiating to buy and bring to the "umbrella" of Microsoft Studios, making them developers unique to the Microsoft consoles.

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Two studios that have been rumored to be trading for months have been confirmed as out of the company's plans: CD Projekt Red ( The Witcher , Cyberpunk 2077 ) and Creative Assembly ( Total War franchise ). The user says they have asked about these stories for several of their sources within the company, and they all say that there is no negotiation or plan by Microsoft to acquire these studios.

According to these sources, there are three studios that Microsoft is officially in negotiations to acquire: IO Interactive, Relic Entertainment and Asobo. For I / O (a company known by the Hitman franchise ), negotiations are already in an advanced stage and Microsoft has even sent a proposal with the amount it is willing to pay for the company, but apparently this proposal has not yet been answered and the company has expanded its offices in recent months, so it is not possible to know exactly whether or not they intend to sell the studio to Microsoft.

Known for the Hitman franchise, I / O Entertainment is one of the companies that Micrsoft has an interest in acquiring (Image: I / O Entertainment) 

Relic's case is also easy to understand: Microsoft has been interested in acquiring a studio to develop real-time strategy games (RTSs) for some time now - and even that was the reason for the first rumors about a Creative Assembly purchase . Since Relic already has a great track record in developing these games (with the Warhammer 40000 and Company of Heroes franchises ), and is already working with the company to develop Age of Empires 4 , it's easy to understand why they are seen by Microsoft executives like a good buy. The biggest drawback in the deal would be SEGA , which acquired Relic after the bankruptcy of THQ in 2013 and would not be interested in facilitating negotiations for Microsoft.

Asobo is a medium-sized studio in France, known for developing adaptations for Disney video games (such as the Rattaouille, Wall-E and Toy Story 3 games ), and a few days ago released A Plague Tale: Innocence . The company already has a good track record of working with Microsoft in recent years, developing applications for HoloLens and games like ReCore and Kinectic Rush, and because it is still completely independent, it may be the easiest of Microsoft to close the acquisition.

According to rumors, Microsoft would still be interested in acquiring three more companies, but for now there is nothing official on the part of the giant and everything is still in the internal conversations phase.

4A Games, known for the Metro games franchise, would also be in the sights of Microsoft's acquisitions (Image: 4A Games)

One such company would be 4A Games, known for the FPS / Terror Metro games series . The franchise has been a kind of "cult classic" among Microsoft consumers since the Xbox 360 era , and as Phil Spencer (head of Microsoft's video game division) has warned that he is interested in acquiring studios from around the world to create games that are interesting to many cultures, it would make sense to purchase a Russian developer.

In addition to the rumor about 4A's interest, it is also known that Microsoft would be behind two specific studios: a Japanese studio - this would even be in advanced negotiations - and a studio that has a history of exclusivity with Sony. And some corridor conversations lead one to believe that these studios could be Platinum and Bluepointe.

Although Microsoft and Platinum have a complicated history because of the whole roll that culminated in the cancellation of Scalebound , the relationship between the companies does not seem to be so damaged. Platinum recently released a version of Nier Automata for the Xbox One and recently the company came out publicly making a mea culpa on the Scalebound case , defending Microsoft's decision to cancel the game, admitting that much of the guilt of why the game was canceled was on account of decisions of the company itself, also apologizing to the fans who were waiting anxious for news.

Mainly because of this public apology, there is a rumor that Microsoft is already in the process of acquiring Platinum, but there is still nothing to confirm this information and it may be another totally different developer. The only concrete information is that Microsoft is already in final negotiations to acquire a Japanese game developer, and is expected to announce that acquisition in the coming months.
Developer of Nier Automata, Platinum Games may be one of the companies acquired by Microsoft this year (Image: Platinum Games)

The acquisition of Bluepoint follows the same Platinum principle: there is a vague concrete information, and it beats what we know of the company. The concrete information is that Microsoft is currently talking to a company that has an exclusive relationship history with Sony. From this information, many rumors have pointed out that this studio is Bluepointe, which last year launched the remaster of Shadow of the Colossus and, a few years before, had also worked on the size of the first three games of the series Uncharted for PS4 .

Both games are highly praised for not only being good ports for the console, but also for re-creating some mechanics in order to upgrade them to the new consoles without spoiling the concepts of the original versions. Microsoft currently owns a bunch of old IPs that have a good fan base but have no one to work on, and the acquisition of Bluepoint could solve that "hole" in the company's plans. But as always, it's good to make clear that this is an assumption based on information, and it is not certain that this studio that has a history with Sony is even Bluepoint.

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As we can see, the next few months should be very busy for Microsoft, and confirmations of this information should begin to happen already in E3 this year. What we have left now is to expect the company to stay on track in the last three years with the Xbox consoles and continue to reduce the advantage that Sony opened with PS4 in the video game market.