Wuhan Coronavirus: LG and ZTE cancels participation in MWC 2020

LG and ZTE have confirmed their decision to cancel their participation in MWC 2020 due to Wuhan 's coronavirus , which becomes an increasingly serious threat (also) for the high-tech sector day after day . Meanwhile, the GSMA reiterates that the Barcelona fair will not be postponed , but increases increases the measures taken to limit the spread of the virus .


The South Korean manufacturer stresses that the choice not to take part in the MWC stems from the desire to safeguard the safety of its employees, partners and customers .

This decision eliminates the risk of exposing LG employees to international flights that have already become more restrictive following the spread of the virus beyond China's borders - according to the most up-to-date data, more than 24,000 people are infected worldwide and 493 deaths.

LG says it will announce its new 2020 mobile products as part of separate events . They will take place in the near future , the company says, without providing more detailed information on the timing for the time being.


For the Chinese manufacturer, it was primarily the practical difficulties that caused the cancellation of the event attendance, or those attributable to the flights , already mentioned by LG, and to international visas - some employees and managers would still have not been able to reach Barcelona in time.

Then there is a further cause suggested in the statement by a ZTE spokesman issued to colleagues from The Verge: the episodes of xenophobia that occurred with the spread of the disease. We don't want to make people uncomfortable , says the Chinese company.

It should be emphasized that the motivations of ZTE , as well as those of LG, could be the basis of similar decisions taken by other Chinese companies in view of the MWC 2020; therefore a situation in the making.


GSMA has released a new press release in the past few hours confirming that it is continuing to monitor the situation and the impact of the Coronavirus on the events scheduled in both Barcelona, ​​Shanghai and Los Angeles. At the moment , confirms the organization, the virus has a very limited impact on MWC 2020 .

At the same time, the body organizing the event has decided to add additional safety measures including the installation of a signage to remind you to respect the hygiene recommendations, the adoption of a protocol that provides for the replacement of the microphone for speakers and the warning to all participants to avoid handshakes

No handshakes at MWC 2020, is the new security measure decided by GSMA to reduce contagion

Beyond the impact on the individual participating companies, the decisions of newspapers, media and bloggers who are examining whether and to what extent to participate in the event

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