How to modify a PDF document for free?

Do you want to correct an error, add colors or images to your PDF documents? Discover our selection of free PDF editors!

The PDF (Portable Document Format) format allows you to preserve your original layout, to perfectly align your texts, images, graphics, protect your document, and whatever your operating system.

This format does not replace a Word but one could say that it completes it.

Many programs offer a backup of your documents in PDF format, but few allow their modification.

So what should you do when your colleague sends you a document in PDF format in which he left a grammar error? How to modify the PDF version of an inadvertently deleted Word document? In both cases, you need a PDF editor.

The  fee PDF editors are the most efficient and complete, with them you can do anything. In the case of a simple modification, do we really need to pay? After all, maybe a free PDF editor will suffice.

Also, we prefer to get straight to the point: free has a price. Free PDF editors give you the possibility of erasing text and replacing it with a new one, respecting the font used, its size and its color, it is easy to annotate it, comment it, highlight it, cross out, delete or add pages, fill in PDF forms, etc. Changes other than these, such as creating forms, will not be possible.

1. Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is a good alternative to Adobe Reader and this editor has met with some success.

This free PDF reader offers a whole range of powerful tools. Of course, you cannot modify the content of a document, but you can cross it out and annotate it.

2. PDF-Xchange Editor

PDF-Xchange Editor  offers roughly the same functionality as Foxit Reader. This program translated into French is very practical for annotating documents.

This Tracker software uses an interesting approach, since around 60% of the functionalities are free, the rest being paid. This means that, if you are lucky, you can edit your PDFs completely for free.

3. PDF Candy

If you don't have a lot of changes to make, PDF Candy may be the quickest and most practical solution.

This program can convert PDF to Word, JPEG, TIFF or even BMP format. With PDF Candy you can rotate the pages of your documents, divide your document, protect it, add watermarks, etc.

This free online service has a major drawback, your document must not exceed 50 MB.

4. Apowersoft Online PDF Editor

Another effective online service that offers a variety of tools is Apowersoft's online PDF editor. The most noteworthy is text editing, which is a rarity in the free domain, and you can annotate documents, convert them to other formats, and all this from a window of your browser.

5. AbleWord

To our knowledge, AbleWord is the only free PDF editor that allows you to import a PDF and modify it completely. It is very efficient for importing and converting Word documents to PDF. It is also compatible with other formats: .rtf, html, .txt, for example, but the rendering will not be of very good quality.

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