Qualcomm 3D Sonic Max Fingerprint: the future of fingerprint readers is reality

During the opening of the Qualcomm Tech Summit that is currently being held in Hawaii, Qualcomm has announced a series of very important news. Not only Snadpragon 865 and 765 but we have also seen the announcement of the Xiaomi Mi 10 5G and a new and very important technology: Qualcomm 3D Sonic Fingerprint Technology.

This is the future of fingerprint readers under the screen and something that will ultimately significantly improve the release system on future smartphones that will be marketed starting in 2020.

In practice, Qualcomm has not only increased the safety of the unlocking system that can be integrated under the screen, but has also significantly increased the area destined for the recognition of the impression . This will allow faster unlocking without necessarily having to press the exact large area, today, like the fingertip.

A wider area will also allow the finger to be positioned differently, allowing for a wider and higher area and therefore easier to reach.

In particular we are talking about a magnification equal to 17 times (17X) and, more importantly, it will be possible to have a second safety step by taking advantage of two fingerprints at the same time so as to have ultra-secure access to our data or applications.

A technology that will bring important benefits also in terms of speed in recognition and obviously precision. In short, between super-powerful CPUs, OLED screens, new cameras and super-advanced unlocking systems, 2020 seems to be a very important year for the mobile sector, not to mention the arrival of the Fold segment with great fanfare.

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