Xiaomi: soon the announcement of a new eReader

If the Amazon Kindle line is certainly the one of the best known eReader  , there are the alternatives proposed by other companies, one above all Kobo , which has just announced the new model Libra H20 . This group is also joined by Xiaomi, who will make an announcement next week about a new electronic book reader.

The news in this regard is still few and comes from the official Weibo account Mijia. In a somewhat vague manner, reference is made to the launch of a new Xiaomi-branded eReader that will derive from a crowdfunding campaign, whose details are not yet known.

The only certainty, as anticipated, is the date: it will therefore be necessary to wait for November 20 to learn more. If you are avid readers of electronic books, however, you might be interested in deceiving the wait with the offer just relaunched by Amazon: three months free of Kindle Unlimited, even for those who are not Prime customers.

image posted on weibo


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