Russia bans sales of devices without domestic applications

Russia has passed a ban on sales of devices that do not come pre-loaded with home-made applications.

The bill will go into effect in July 2020 and includes smartphones, computers and smart TVs. In Russia, the law says that with the development of the country's technology, it is intended to make it easier for users to use the device.

Oleg Nikolayev, one of the co-sponsors of the bill, said, "When consumers buy smart devices, they see that they already have Western apps installed. They generally think there are no Russian replacements. By pre-installing the app, users have the right to choose. "

But there is also criticism of this. The Russian Association of Electronics Manufacturers (RATEK) said, "Some devices don't allow preloaded apps, and these companies could leave the Russian market because of the law." There is also a voice saying that these applications can be used to monitor users.


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