Microsoft launches new Q&A website to replace TechNet and MSDN forums

Microsoft has announced the launch of a new Q&A website (as spotted by Rafael Rivera), which will provide a new experience for users to ask questions and get answers about Microsoft's products and services. The new website is actually a part of the Microsoft Docs platform, which already hosts technical documentation for Microsoft services, as well as code samples.

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Just like Docs aimed to unify technical documentation that used to be found in different websites and platforms, Q&A will also replace the TechNet and MSDN forums, which served a similar purpose. The transition will allow for some new features that could improve the experience, such as tags to allow users to ask questions about multiple services in a single place, the ability to follow people, tags, and posts to get updates, and more. It should also simplify your account management since a single account will work across all of Microsoft Docs.

While Microsoft plans for the Q&A website to replace TechNet and MSDN, it isn't happening right away. The new website has launched today with a limited set of topics, mostly revolving Azure, as well as the Universal Windows Platform. Microsoft says it will continue adding new topics over the next few months, and it plans to finish migration by mid-2020.

You can check out the new Microsoft Q&A website here.

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