Malware detected in the Android application intended to create PDF documents called CamScanner

Malicious code has been detected in the free version of CamScanner , an Android application designed to create PDF documents that have more than 100 million downloads. Google has removed the application from its store until the incident is resolved.

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Affected resources

Those users who have the free version of CamScanner installed on their smartphone are affected .


Google has already removed the app app from its official market . However, all users with the application installed in its free version should remove it as soon as possible.

To uninstall the application, the following steps must be followed:

Enter your mobile settings and look for the "Applications" option.

Search CamScanner among installed applications.

Enter your options by clicking on the application and select «Uninstall» .

In addition, it is recommended to use an antivirus solution for Android in order to prevent future risks.


The malware has not been detected in the application itself, but in a third-party module used for marketing and advertising purposes. This is a Trojan called "Trojan-Dropper.AndroidOS.Necro.n" , which allows you to download and install any type of content on the victim's device.

Only, the free version has been affected, which has been removed from the Play Store, while the paid version continues to be available for download.

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