Google Photos has renamed the "Assistant" tab to "For you"

Google Photos will change the name of the Assistant tab , most likely to avoid confusion with Google Assistant , which is a service in its own right. It could be argued that indeed the name of the card is fitting, because it is the one that provides collections, video clips, graphic elaborations and animations created automatically. But the replacement name found by the Mountain View guys, " For you ", isn't bad either . It is concise and sufficiently clear. Google already uses it even for a similar card on Maps , so there is also a minimum of consistency.

The colleagues of Android Police have noticed it because a technical support document has been modified (see link in SOURCE under the article) to reflect the novelty, and very soon after the first confirmation signals were sent by users. We still have the old name, on different accounts and different platforms (web, Android, iOS). However below you will find a couple of demonstration screenshots. The modification of the support document is also live in Italian , so it is quite obvious that it is also in the home straight.


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