Facebook removes 3.2 billion accounts with child abuse and suicide content

Facabeook constantly receives millions of users with varied account styles and content that, in many cases, go unnoticed by the filters implemented by the social network, making it necessary to report others to perform the removal.

In an effort to improve this data control, Mark Zuckerberg's website has been creating ways to further refine who the platform participants are, leading to mass removals of multiple profiles in a short time, a highlight of the report. of the company in 2019.

According to the document released by Facebook this week, 3.2 billion accounts were deleted from the social network between April and September for posting content related to child abuse and suicide, issues that are widely discussed because they affect a sizeable population in the century. XXI

This number of profiles shows a more than doubled number compared to fake accounts that were removed during the same period in 2018 , which makes it even more alarming how much the site has been used to propagate these types of themes that can cause short term. various damage to society.

In addition, Facebook also posted numbers in the report regarding Instagram, where the main theme of the deleted posts was fake news in different categories and misinformation researchers. Even more alarming was the amount of content linked to terrorists, which appeared 92.2% of the time on Instagram.

Obviously there is a lot of information still going through the Instagram and Facebook filters, but the important thing is to know that the company is working to improve what is reaching users.


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