TWRP for Android 10: possible, but it will take longer than usual

It seems that the TWRP will take a little longer than expected to arrive on Android 10 native devices , delaying the modding fans' party a little. The developers of the custom recovery that established themselves as the de facto standard in the community have written that with the new version of the operating system, Google has made major changes to the way Android implements recovery - in fact the biggest in at least 7 years, since we switched from C to C ++ (with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean: it was 2012, and we told you so ).

For compatibility reasons, Android 9 and earlier native devices should have no problems, with at least one proven exception : the Pixel 3 of Google itself (and of course the related variant XL ). The explanation of the main developer Dees_Troy is rather technical, and cites among the various reasons:

•The passage of Android 10 to a system of dynamic partitions

•The choice to move the position of many recovery components into subfolders

•Google's choice to use dynamic links to external libraries in the Pixel 3 ramdisk, while previously they were static components

Nothing insurmountable , at least at a first evaluation, but that will require more time than usual. By the way, Dees_Troy must also manage an enlargement of the family in this period. That being said, the TWRP source code is freely available, in case anyone feels like trying.

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