Trump wants the home button back on the iPhone and tweets to Tim Cook

We should ask ourselves "what Donald Trump's tweet does not make people talk about", on the other hand the 45th President of the United States boasts over 66 million followers on the social network and his position requires a certain attention to the words he casts on the net. Who knows what Tim Cook thinks, Apple CEO who has been called directly to the case in recent days for a clear, precise and ... public complaint

The Donald will obviously have recently passed to a new iPhone (we do not know if it is an iPhone X or the latest iPhone 11 ), a new generation "orphan" model - as we all know - of the dear old "home" key to him like this appreciated. The swipe is not so congenial to him and the curious message has obviously been around the world.

Trump went from Android to iPhone in 2017 , when the last model of the Cupertino house available was the iPhone 8 (with home button), it is therefore assumed that this is the old iPhone by which it replaced. Certainly we will not see any step back in the "edge-to-edge" design of the next iPhone, if not in a direction even more modern and without physical keys, but the eccentric US President could have luck and maybe move to the new iPhone SE 2 of which there are many rumors on the net.

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