Samsung presents a new Fold and extends the One UI 2

During the Samsung Developer Conference 2019 (SDC19), Samsung introduced several new features, among which I showed the new One UI 2 interface, which comes out of the sphere of smartphones to embrace other devices.

The main innovations focus on the level of customization of the One UI 2 operating system , based on Android and used in the company's smartphones, which will now also reach tablets, wearable devices and folding devices (such as Galaxy Fold) so that the experience of the developers and users is uniform, according to the intentions of the company.

Samsung has also shown some example images of how future flyers could present themselves and adapt thanks to the new interface, providing information on the direction the company intends to take.

Among the mockup images shown, the presence of a shell model is in keeping with the rumors of some time ago , which assumed the arrival of a folding variant with this form factor. So did Samsung want to unveil the appearance of Galaxy Fold 2 in advance? This is the feeling we had.

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