Samsung guarantees four years of Android updates on new Enterprise program

Samsung has updated its "Galaxy Enterprise" program in the UK with big news. All devices should now receive Android security updates for four years. The available devices are:

Galaxy Note 10 , Galaxy S10 , Galaxy S10e , Galaxy A10 , Galaxy A40 and Galaxy XCover 4s

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According to South Korea, the news is part of its efforts to provide more security for those looking for a good phone in the corporate world. However, the update system should work differently and everything will depend on the device.

In a brief statement, Samsung explains that the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 should receive monthly security updates for three years, while in the last year of the cycle updates will only be quarterly.

Galaxy A and XCover devices only receive quarterly updates during the four years. The company also ensures that Enterprise line phones reach the consumer with enhanced support, such as a three-year warranty and technical support available at any time.

Commenting on the Enterprise program update, Conor Pierce, Samsung's UK chief, said the program now meets the highest security standards:

This is the commitment we make to companies when they have a Samsung Enterprise device. Our turnkey solutions mean customers can easily set up and run a seamless enterprise mobile

For now, we do not know if this initiative will also be taken to other markets.


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