Samsung follows Apple and tests slow-motion video feature for selfies

During the presentation event of the iPhone 11 , Apple announced to the world the feature "slofies". The name "cute" is just a marketing trick for recording slow motion videos with the smartphone's front sensor.

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Now, it seems that Samsung also wants to bring this news to the devices that will run One UI 2.0 . That's because the news is already present in the latest beta build of software available for the Galaxy S10 .

Following the concept presented by the Cupertino company, Samsung went a little further. This is because the South Korean has improved functionality and released some features that allow the customization of the capture.

According to some users, the feature is still somewhat unstable and has a number of errors. This is due to the beta stage of the One UI 2.0 interface, which runs under the new Android 10. Another noteworthy point is that the feature should have some limitations.

Thus, image stabilization is still poor, and Samsung does not intend to bring super slow motion mode to the front sensor. This is due to an obvious limitation on the hardware of the devices.

For now, the company has not yet named the appeal . Anyway, it should reach all smartphones that will receive version 2.0 of One UI and can be a highlight of the future Galaxy S11 .

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