Researchers increase the reach of a WiFi network of more than 60 meters thanks to a software find

Researchers have succeeded in extending the initial range of a WiFi network by 67 meters via a new protocol that could, theoretically, be installed on all internet modems.

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While home automation is booming, WiFi struggles to follow and cover every corner of our homes (connected). Of course, there are solutions to expand the reach of your WiFi network, such as Google's Nest products , or Amazon's Eero routers, but there is another much simpler way to extend your WiFi network. in a software way the range of its WiFi of more than 60 meters, notes Engadget.

Researchers have unveiled a new protocol called ONPC , for On-Off Noise Power Communication. The principle of this protocol: keep the signal at all costs, even if the bit rate is only one bit per second . Indeed, the WiFi requires at least a rate of one megabit per second to maintain the active signal, and cuts if the flow is too low, which, according to researchers, would have a significant impact on its scope. By maintaining a permanent connection, whether through low data rates, or, if no device is connected, simple digital noise, this allows the WiFi network to be more stable and to always transmit something."Basically, it's about sending a bit of information to say it's alive (the network)," says Professor Neal Patawri of Washington University in St. Louis.

This system allowed researchers to extend the reach of a 67-meter WiFi network beyond the theoretical scope of the device being used. Rather than investing in a WiFi router to improve its network, this protocol has the advantage of being theoretically deployed in software on any Internet modem.


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