OnePlus will produce a dual-mode 5G smartphone, just like Oppo

OnePlus has confirmed that it will produce a 5G dual-mode smartphone and will present it in China later this year. It is particularly interesting news when compared to the practically identical one disclosed by Oppo a few days ago . Meanwhile, it is good to explain what "dual-mode" means: a modem of this type is able to connect both to NSA networks (Non-Standalone, which before connecting to 5G must pass through a previous generation network) and to those SA (Standalone). The NSA networks were designed as an intermediate solution to guarantee 5G an early arrival on the market.

Few additional details released by OnePlus. In his interview, Pete Lau (founder and CEO) said it will be presented in China in the fourth quarter, but did not specify whether it will remain exclusive to that market or when it will actually be put up for sale. Mystery also on the name .

Given that OnePlus and Oppo are very closely linked (in particular, smartphones from a couple of years ago were almost difficult to distinguish ), it is very easy to assume that the project being developed is in fact unique, which will then be customized according to the tastes of each producer. If so, it is therefore likely that even in this smartphone we will find a SoC in some ways surprising, since it will not be a top of the range: it should be called Snapdragon 7250 , and it will be midrange. For now there are no details on the specifications.


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