Nokia may launch smartphone with waterfall screen, rumor reveals

About a month ago, we saw the officialization by Chinese Vivo of the first device with the concept of waterfall screen presented by the brand , aiming to considerably increase the utilization in body / screen ratio.

Following this trend, recent rumors point out that Nokia's HMD Global may follow the same path and present a concept similar to the Vivo NEX 3.

According to the recent conceptual renderings, the handset will feature a tiny upper edge for the availability of sensors, camera, speaker and logo (right-aligned). From the bottom, you can see a subtle edge, narrower than the top view of the device.

Another aspect of rendering is the underside of the device, featuring a USB-C cable slot, a right-aligned speaker, and a microphone for capturing audio during calls. It is also noticeable that the handset apparently will not feature P2 input, a trend that is gradually being adopted by brands.

It is also possible to see in the images a partial rear, revealing the cameras housed in the traditional round frame, thus referring to the already discontinued Nokia 1020 combined with Nokia 9 Pureview, thanks to multiple cameras with Zeiss lens.

For now, there is no conclusive information about the arrival of a Nokia handset in this way but it would really be curious to see the brand betting on something so bold on their handsets.

So, what is your opinion about the images? Would you like such a device or find it unnecessary? Tell us in the comments!


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