Instagram makes stalker life even harder with new update

Instagram is still making life hard for the stalkers on duty. Recently, the social network removed the popular "following" tab , which showed all their friends' activity. However, few people used this guide.

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Now the social network is launching one more change that should prevent stalkers from scouring profiles without being logged into an account . The news is already in effect and should be activated after viewing 12 posts.

For those who do not remember, before the change was possible to find any user through Google and view their photos without being logged in the platform. This made life easier for those looking for famous profiles, for example.

In a brief statement, the social network spokesman confirmed the change :

Now, if you're not signed in to Instagram, you may only see a certain amount of posts on public profiles before you are prompted to login. This is to help you see photos on Instagram and understand how to get the best experience and be part of the community by connecting and interacting with the people and things they love.

Despite the announcement, the representative did not justify the reason behind the change. Anyway, it seems that it is being introduced to increase the number of users of the social network. Also, when you are logged in to your account, Instagram also profits by displaying advertising.


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