Huawei and 5G: the United Kingdom grants access to the new generation network

The events relating to the ban imposed by the US against Huawei are having less and less effectiveness within the European area, given that several countries have chosen to give the green light to the Chinese company to continue operations on its territory.

After the ok from Germany and even before Norway , now also the United Kingdom has established that Huawei will have access to the 5G UK network , or at least to parts deemed non-critical . It is not clear to whom reference is made, but it has emerged that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is ready to let the Chinese company operate without any restriction that limits his ability to offer his infrastructure to the main local operators.

In short, the United States council to burn down around Huawei is not receiving the support of its European allies. We recall that at the beginning of the month the US also invited Italy to break off relations with the Shenzhen company, without however collecting too much success.

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