Google is looking for internal dissidents by spying on PCs, employees are rebelling

The tug of war between Google and its employees continues, and this time the Mountain View company is accused of having created a new tool with which to spy on workers , in order to intercept any meetings organized by dissidents. The charge is very serious and emerged through an internal memo obtained from Bloomberg . Let's go with order.

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The tool in question is an extension of Chrome that is integrated - without the possibility of being removed - on all the corporate devices supplied with the employees. This detects whenever a person organizes an event on Calendar and sends the invitation to 100 or more colleagues , reporting the action to the company.

The existence of this tool emerged last September, at the beginning of October Google employees began to discuss the issue and later some of these found themselves unable to access the documents related to the project, increasing the discontent in the compared to what is considered as a control tool.

The accusation, in fact, claims that Google has created the extension to automatically identify all the people who could organize meetings in which "subversive" issues are discussed with the company, thus undermining internal freedom and the right to discuss practices implemented by Mountain View.

The official position of the company, expressed by Alphabet , is to categorically deny any accusation , stating that the instrument meets all safety, ethical and privacy standards. According to the Group, its main use would be to reduce internal spam , reminding employees not to add too many colleagues to their events, so as not to create unnecessary hassles. The company claims that the tool does not send information that allows for the precise identification of the employee who created the event.

This story is only the last to highlight the internal discontent that has long characterized Google. Whether it is the protests against silences about the alleged cases of harassment , the disputes about the collaboration with the Department of defense or the disapproval of the attempt to return to China with a questionable project , it seems that the company's corporate policies are not welcome to a good part of Google employees.


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