Galaxy fingerprint login disabled' spreads to China

Temporarily stop fingerprint recognition function and switch password login"

According to China's daily economy on the 22nd, the Bank of China temporarily disabled fingerprint login in the Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 10, and Galaxy Tab S6 device mobile banking. Instead, they reportedly switched to unlock with a password.

The Bank of China has decided to take such measures to ensure login security, and said it will pay close attention to Samsung's resolution and take corresponding measures.

The controversy has arisen when the Samsung Note 10 and Galaxy S10 series cover the silicon case, unlocking fingerprints or objects that are not specified by others.

Particularly, domestic financial sectors are making urgent notices due to unexpected damages to users who use payment services through fingerprint recognition. If you use the smartphone, you are asked to cancel fingerprint authentication or use another authentication method until the problem is solved.

Samsung Electronics announced on August 18 that it will carry out a software update to correct fingerprint recognition errors for Galaxy Note 10, Note 10 Plus, Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10 5G. The update will be rolled out this week.

Samsung Electronics said, "If you use the front cover, the cover pattern of some covers is recognized as a fingerprint and the lock is unlocked." Please register a new fingerprint. "

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