Arm announces the new Mali-G57 GPU and two new low-end NPUs

Arm has announced important news regarding the offer of GPUs, NPUs and DPUs dedicated to SoCs that we will find in medium and low-end devices.

Let's start with the juiciest announcement, or the one related to the new Mali-G57 , a GPU based on the same Valhalla architecture as Mali-G77 and which brings some high-end features to a more popular market segment. Compared to the Mali-G52 - which is in fact replaced by the G57 - we find an improvement in energy performance and performance by 30% , while it goes to 60% in the case of calculations related to Machine Learning (all with the same production process ). The most attentive will have noticed that these are the same increases reported at the launch of Mali-G77.

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As for configurations, Mali-G57 can be implemented in variants that contain 1 to 6 cores . We obviously find support for the Vulkan API , the ability to reproduce 4K and 8K content, higher performance when using AR and VR applications and a doubling of texturing performance (compared to G52). There is also the possibility of calculating volumetric lights , HDR rendering support , PBR (Physical Based Rendering), all in order to clearly improve gaming performance (but not only) even on devices not belonging to the highest market segments.

Arm also announced the NPUs Ethos-N57 and N37 , dedicated to two different market segments. The first is specialized to operate more efficiently in scenarios related to Machine Learning that require performance around 2TOP / s , while the second is more specialized to work on values ​​of 1TOP / s .

The Ethos-N57 is therefore a mid-range solution that offers a very balanced performance / consumption ratio, while Ethos-N37 allows the introduction of a dedicated NPU also on low-end smartphones. Remember that the premium segment is covered by the Ethos-N77. For its new NPUs, Ethos Arm speaks of performance that is 200% higher than competing solutions of the same category.

Finally we find the new DPU (Display Processor Unit) Mali-D37 , which promises to improve energy efficiency by 30% in the management of displays with FullHD and 2K resolution, all occupying a surface equal to 1mm² (with production process at 16nm). Mali-D37 allows the GPU to be relieved of various tasks and includes many of the premium features we have seen on the Mali-D71, such as the composition of HDR images on SDR panels and mixed HDR-SDR content, when used in conjunction with the ' Arm Assertive Display 5

For more information, please see the link in Source , where you can find pages dedicated to each of the new products announced.


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