New ransomware on Android uses SMS to spread

Android is suffering from new ransomware that is spreading using SMS, thus trying to reach as many people as possible.

The latest threats are using a variety of methods to contaminate many phones with the Android system, so be careful when you want to stay protected.

The latest threat to the system is ransomware, which uses SMS to propagate, thus spreading quickly and efficiently to other devices.

Ransomware is malware that is intended to encrypt the files and data of infected phones and computers and to request an amount of money to release this data back to the user.

Android / Filecoder.C is the latest ransomware for the Android system, it started appearing in the middle of this month, and proving to be very efficient in propagating.

Unlike other ransomware, Android / Filecoder.C has an almost unique way of working.

When infecting an Android device, the first thing it does is start encrypting files, but at the same time it starts sending SMS to contacts stored in the phone book, thus trying to trick others by sending text and a malicious link to the phone. ransomware installation on the phone.

So far it has been discovered that there are over 42 different types of messages that have been sent, the intention being that the messages are unique and can really mislead who is receiving.

In addition to sending messages, Android / Filecoder.C has a very different operating mode, it does not encrypt files of less than 150KB nor above 50MB, the basic Android items continue to function normally, including unlocking the phone. no major problems

Files affected and blocked by ransomware are only released when users pay a predefined amount, usually somewhere between 0.01 or 0.02 Bitcoins .

So the best thing to do is not to press links on any unfamiliar pages or SMS, even if they are sent by your friends, before clicking, ask your friend if the message really is true and if it was sent by himself.


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