Xiaomi, TENAA certified 5G smartphone: it could be new Mi Mix

A mysterious Xiaomi smartphone with model number M1908F1XE appeared in the TENAA database. No specific techniques are reported, except that it will have new-generation cellular connectivity , ie 5G . We know that this is a very sophisticated and still niche technology, basically reserved for the top of the range (for example, take Mate 20 X 5G , Galaxy S10 5G , Oppo Reno 5G and the same Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G ), which narrows the field to a limited number of devices. The most plausible hypothesis is Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, a terminal that should be presented this fall and that historically ranks at the top end of the market.

The similarity with the code name of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S , which was M1803D5XE, however, leaves the possibilities open to even a Mi Mix 3S. In fact, Xiaomi's plans are not entirely clear: it is a foregone conclusion that a new smartphone from the Mi Mix family is in development , and the timing makes the hypothesis Mi Mix 4 more plausible, but for now we are moving a lot in uncertainty . It is true that Wang Teng, senior executive of Xiaomi, turned to his fans on Weibo talking about the device on two occasions, and hinting at the possibility of a periscopic camera and a "record" wireless charging, faster than seen in any other smartphone on the market to date. They look like changes from a new model, not a simple refresh. We'll see.


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