WhatsApp will have in-the-future quick editing for in-app photos

WhatsApp does not stop, the latest news is the quick editing of photos directly in the application, but unfortunately feature will only come in the future.

We know that WhatsApp is working hard to always bring news to its users, so new features will be releasing and will be very useful for many people.

Soon we can expect that WhatsApp has dark theme, integrated browser, digital unlock and other news.

The big news is that WhatsApp developers are working on a photo editor for the app.

This news brings great news and possibilities for users, as they will not need to download and install an app for this same function.

When it launches, the feature will work like this, you can grab any image you've received and edit, no matter if you received the pictures from a person or a group.

To edit an image you have just clicked on the image, then hit the three dots on the top right of the screen and select "Edit", you will be ready for fast photo editing.

In this edition users can rotate the photo, add text anywhere, put emoticons and if you want, you can even draw on the image.

In the images received WhatsApp's fast editing feature is very interesting, since it will edit the images and will help save space, as it is not saved in the phone and is sent at the same time.

The new Quick Photo Editing feature in WhatsApp is still in-house testing, meaning it can not be tested by users, but in the future should be available at least in WhatsApp Beta.

Another interesting detail is that quick photo editing will not replace the image you received, so you will see the two images, something that can be checked in the animation.

WhatsApp Fast Photo Editing

There is no date yet to be made available to everyone, so like many other testing features, there is still no minimum forecast for the release.

While waiting for the arrival of the news, we recommend that you read our important WhatsApp tips and settings that you need to know and use.


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