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Samsung has reportedly fixed the protective film on the Galaxy Fold

Since Samsung introduced its foldable Galaxy Fold phone back in February, it still hasn't been released. Reviewers started receiving units in April, and those units started breaking. Moreover, pre-orders have been canceled, and there's no new release date in sight.

The main issue was that there was a protective film on the display that people were removing. According to a new report from Bloomberg, that issue has been fixed. The film will now "wrap around the entire screen and flow into the outer bezels", so customers won't be able to remove it.

The hinge has also changed. It's pushed upward now, so it's flush with the screen; that's meant to stretch the film, making it feel more like it's built into it. Apparently, the new hinge will help to reduce the crease in the display.

Unfortunately, there's still no new release date for the ill-fated $1,980 foldable smartphone. According to the report, it won't even make an appearance at Samsung's August 7 Galaxy Unpacked event. The new components will be shipping soon to Samsung's manufacturing facilities, so it's possible that we may see an actual release later on this year.


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