Pre-registrations are now open for Pokémon Masters on Android and iOS

The Pokémon Company and DeNA's upcoming mobile game, Pokémon Masters, is still without an official release date, but you can now pre-register to be notified when it's available later this summer. The game will be available on Android and iOS, and pre-registrations are open on both platforms through the Play Store and App Store, respectively.

Along with the announcement, The Pokémon Company has released six new trailers for the game on YouTube. The trailers offer an overview of the game, moves, the battling system, sync pairs, and training.

Additionally, while the game doesn't have an official release date, the two companies behind it have announced an early test run for some regions. Users in Singapore will be able to preview a limited version Pokémon Masters starting later today, and those in Canada will also be able to test it soon. Sometime after that, the official version should be available worldwide, and those who tested the game can carry over their data to the official release.

The upcoming title will take players on a journey to beat the Pokémon Masters League, facing and teaming up with other trainers along the way. The game features 3v3 battles, as opposed to the more traditional style of battle in Pokémon games. Recently, it was also revealed that there will be an evil team, and it will be known as Team Break in Japanese, as reported by Serebii.


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