MacBook Pro 16 ": keys with scissor mechanism and debut in September | Rumor

The waltz of rumors continues incessantly about the 16 "MacBook Pro : the rumor that would like a release early in September , as initially supposed by IHS Markit (see article below) and as reiterated by Digitimes in these last hours According to the source, in fact, Apple would have asked Quanta to produce the laptop, making it ready for the debut already in late summer.

According to the latest information, Apple would have completely changed the butterfly mechanism that distinguishes the latest generations of Macbook keyboards. The new 16-inch, and suppose the whole new generation, could adopt a scissor system able to improve not only the comfort of writing but, above all, the resistance of the keys. The problem of the butterfly system is in fact linked to its fragility and its rather short duration.


Apple 16-inch MacBook Pro could arrive this October, and could be the most expensive ever : according to the Taiwanese financial newspaper , the starting price would be over $ 3,000 . The sources, to be found as usual among suppliers , indicate that the laptop will still be equipped with an LCD display, not OLED, and that will have a resolution of 3,072 x 1,920 pixels.The material production will be divided between Foxconn and Quanta, two of the largest electronic device manufacturers in the world, who work regularly for Apple and other large companies in the sector.

Most of the juicy information, such as technology / display size and release window, has been substantially disclosed in the past by other sources. IHS Markit had made substantially similar forecasts , indicating however the arrival in September instead of October (they could also have reasons both: a date could refer to the presentation and one to the actual availability).

In any case, since 2012 , when Apple withdrew the 17 "MacBook Pro , users of the Apple have 15" displays as the maximum size available.


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