Lenovo signs dual-screen foldable device patent

Lenovo was the first major manufacturer to introduce the world to a folding notebook with Windows . So it's no wonder that the company has been recording a number of curious patents involving this type of device.

This week, the Chinese giant has requested another record for a "two-screen electronic device with display control method." According to the documentation available, when using two displays , the device can gain some extra features.

The images that were attached to the patent application also confirm that this device keeps a certain resemblance to the ZTE Axon M . For those who do not remember, the Chinese smartphone was the first in the world to have two screens .

Documents from the United States Patent Office also provide a brief description of Lenovo . Check out:

The apparatus includes: a first display screen with a physical edge; a second display screen with a second physical edge; and a processor, configured to control the display of the first display screen and the second display screen. One mode of use: the first display screen is user-friendly, while the second display is positioned on the backside of the first display.

In general terms, this device is practically the same as ZTE Axon M , and the biggest differences can be the size of the displays and the operating system.

It is worth remembering that simply registering a patent does not always indicate that the manufacturer is actually planning to launch a product on the market. Therefore, we emphasize that in many cases, these ideas end up being "shelved" .


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