Huawei has new patent with method to make photos of the Moon sharper

While Xiaomi provokes with photos of the Moon , Huawei works not to be called a "cheater" anymore and still wants to improve the quality of its images that record the Earth's natural satellite.

The Chinese manufacturer has patented a new method to leave the lunar photos captured by its most vivid and sharp devices. The order number is 201910134047.X, made on February 22 of this year, at the Patent Office of China.

The new Huawei patent captures images of the Moon in various frames and processes them all in a single photo

The document features a technology that allows you to recognize the natural satellite automatically in the preview interface. After this step, the camera would enter the special capture mode, in which the lens is focused on the star and would show a clear outline in the image of the Moon.

As can be seen from the sketch accompanying the patent, the photo would come with pictures collected under different exposures. The result, after processing, is a clearer, brighter-looking lunar image like the photo shown below:

It is worth noting that a patent exists does not mean that its content will be used by the manufacturer someday. Many companies record only to have control over a particular product or method. However, having intellectual property shows that the idea is on the radar for the future.

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