Fortnite 9.40 brings back Tactical Shotgun and implements Bluetooth microphone support on iOS

Fortnite's weekly update is on the air and with cheery changes to the players after a warm period in the game. The update 9.40 brings back the Tactical Shotgun in two new versions: Epic and Legendary. Beyond the Sniper Rifle.

The Tactical Shotgun can now deal 83 to 87 points damage, shoot 1.5 rounds per second, and get 8 cartridges. The damage is multiplied by 2.25 if the player hits an opponent's head.

It can be found in floor locks, trunks, supply deliveries, pick up conveyors, and vending machines.

The game also updated the operation of the Precision Rifle: now a zoom reduction has been implemented when looking.

Also added support for Bluetooth microphones for those who want voice conversations during games. The problem involving the disappearance of Conveyor Boxes when they were overthrown by players was also solved, and the previously unreachable trunk in the Torres Neo hotel now can now be opened.

Changes to the interface have also been confirmed, such as a new social hub for access to all connected third-party service accounts, plus larger buttons on the gesture wheel for more accurate clicks.

On the official Fortnite blog you check everything that has changed in detail. Check out:

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