Chinese division Alibaba reveals its first IoT-focused chip

Known for being one of the leading companies in China and standing out in the e-commerce market, Alibaba has announced that it has officially begun developing its first IoT processor.

Named Piegtouge Xuantie 910, the new chip is based on RISC-V, an open-source architecture developed by a consortium of researchers and technology companies, serving the simplest functions, especially for internet access.

The main advantage of betting on RISC-V as opposed to buying some patented option is precisely to avoid the risks of government sanctions that may occur sometime in the future, similar to what happened to Huawei when the US government decided to embark on making it difficult to negotiate with ARM.

"Chinese companies that rely on RISC-V need not rely on vendors like Arm or Intel. There is no threat of them losing access to a fundamental part of this design." - Stewart Randall, who monitors China's semiconductor industry at Intralink Consulting 

 According to Alibaba, the intention is to obtain royalties from its intellectual property by making the technology available to chip makers. However, it is confirmed that some of their code will be made available in the well-known GitHub developer repository to stimulate the creation of chip-related applications at some point in the future.

For now, there is no information about the arrival of products with this embedded chip and whether there are already companies working with Alibaba for launch in the near future.


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