Xiaomi wants to dominate the smartphone world

Xiaomi officially started its European expansion just a year ago, while in America it still has to officially land: it seems therefore difficult to think of a nearby "conquest of the smartphone world" unless you follow the news in this area everyone the days. The subsidiary Redmi CEO, Lu Weibing , declared and detailed the company's plan for the victory .

China is not the first country on which Redmi aims, but India, a market in which according to official data it would have already gained market shares of 10% higher than the now second Samsung: a good result, but not just below the Weibing aspirations, that is, to reach 50% of the Indian smartphone market . Considering that at the moment Redmi holds 29% it certainly does not seem a simple objective, given that it is practically doubling sales: the aspiration is not so unrealistic if you look at the fact that the first 10 best-selling smartphones on the ground Indian are from Xiaomi. We also remember the recent result of more than 2 million Redmi Note 7 sold in a few months only in this area and 50% seems to be an increasingly close target.

The expansion painted by Lu Weibing certainly does not stop at Asia: Xiaomi, above all through investments on Redmi , naturally wants to continue its ascent in Europe despite the distance from the three companies that are on the podium with us, Samsung, Apple and Huawei. The opening of the Mi Stores, Huawei's recent and worrying US ban and the often exorbitant prices of the other 3 companies will certainly help in the purpose. Finally, these two markets will be joined by the South American and African markets , the next stage in the expansion of Redmi that will already be reached by this year.


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