TSMC announces first research for production of chips with 2nm process

As it prepares to start production of Huawei kirin 985 with 7nm + EUV process, TSMC is already studying helping Apple develop its 5nm processors . Now, to the surprise of the market, the Taiwanese manufacturer announced that it already thinks of 2nm .

In a statement sent to the international press, TSMC announced that it has already initiated the first research for the development of chips that will be produced at 2nm. According to the company, the measure is seen as essential for reaching global leadership with technology.

However, despite early initiatives in the area, TSMC also made it clear that 2nm chips will only hit the market by the middle of 2024 . Over the next few years, the Taiwanese will be concentrating on producing 7nm and 5nm chips for partner companies.

The company also revealed that the first studies are already being done at the Science and Technology Park of Southern Hsinchu in Taiwan. In addition, some goals have also been established :

2020 - launch of processors with 5nm

2021 - Development of 3nm

2022 - Mass production of chips in 3nm

2024 - chip launch with 2nm

For the technological advance to become a reality, TSMC said it has more than 7,000 engineers in its structure, some of them already studying how to produce 2nm chips. With this, the Taiwanese expects to launch the first processor with the technology and to overcome a series of competitors in the new market that must be formed.


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