Tinder tests private message read confirmation tool

The Tinder is increasingly expanding the offerings of how users can purchase products within the platform. The company has now announced Super Boost, a product that Tinder Gold or Plus users can buy to have more prominence within the platform. However, the most interesting point is that this service also offers read confirmation on messages sent in private.

"By unlocking Read Confirmation, every user can know who has not yet read that icebreaker, or who still needs more time to think about the perfect answer," explains the company's official statement.

The platform also allows you to keep this information a secret, just by removing the read confirmation option in the app settings. It's worth noting that both people need to accept the read confirmation option, and this option is linked in the app by default.

Super Boost 

The proposal of this new product is to offer a moment in which the user will gain more prominence than the others. The company promises up to 100 times more visibility within the platform.

Only subscribers of Plus or Gold services can use the tool that, to which the company informs, is also charged separately. Still, it is only possible to gain this highlight in the peak moments of access, which happen at night.

Tinder's move may be a race against its competitors that already offer the possibility, for example, of reading confirmation for subscribers.

So far, the company has not reported the price of the novelty. However, it should be more expensive than the current Boost, which allows 10 times more visibility on the platform. Also, the novelties are being implemented as tests "in some selected markets".

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