Telegram reports attack on the Chinese government on Wednesday (12)

Telegram's founder Padel Durov has hinted that the instability of the chat application he felt yesterday over a DDoS attack may be related to the Chinese government. On Twitter , he related what happened to the protest in the streets of Hong Kong.

The DDoS attack causes an overload on the servers, preventing the correct operation of the service. Durov said that most of the mapped IP addresses are from China and that DDoS would be "the size of a state actor."

Because of its encryption system, the Telegram is widely used in the region to organize protests far from the eyes of the Chinese government. The attack coincided with the time of a major act against the extradition law to China in Hong Kong. "This case is no exception," commented Durov.

Encrypted protest

Protesters marched on the streets of Hong Kong against a bill that allows the extradition of people from the semiautonomous territory to China, where the government has more power.

To avoid being identified, those who participated in the act used secure means of communication, such as the Telegram, covered the face to avoid the cameras scattered around the streets and did not use transport cards that track the locomotion.

New protests

New protests have been set for the next few days, just knowing if we will feel the reflection here with new instabilities in the Telegram.


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