Russia signs agreement with Huawei for 5G deployment

The Huawei signed yesterday (5) a contract to implement the fifth generation of mobile Internet in Russia, in a ceremony that was attended by Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

It is expected that Russia will have 5G in full operation next year

The development of 5G in the country involves the operator MTS and the expectation is that the tests will begin later this year, with the possibility of a full debut in 2020. "We added impetus to the strategic cooperation between two high-tech companies, thus building a base for 5G commercial launches in Russia in the near future, "MTS chief Alexei Kornya said in a statement.

The news comes to further spice up the trade war between the United States and China - with Huawei in the middle of the crossfire. With the approach of Asians and Russians, the alliance against the influence of Donald Trump gains strength.

Huawei Chairman and CEO Guo Ping said the company already has more than 16,000 patents related to 5G, making it the number one worldwide in the industry. "We hope our efforts together will help Russia get into the 5G era sooner."


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