Razer launches drink for gamers promising to improve focus and reaction time

The Razer launched on Wednesday (19) a drink that promises to improve mental performance gamers. The so-called Respawn is a powdered compound that must be mixed with water and contains ingredients to increase focus, reaction time and mental fatigue.

For now, the drink is only available to gamers from the United States and there is no forecast to reach Brazil. Razer says Respawn came as an April 1 prank, which turned on in 2010 when the company introduced a drink that improved the abilities of humans. With positive feedback from users, the so-called Project Venom came to life.

According to Razer, throughout the process, the company tested the product with eSports professional athletes and gamers, who gave their opinion on the taste and efficiency of the product. In the United States, the drink was launched in pomegranate flavors with watermelon, blue raspberry, pineapple and green apple.

 Razer also says that for years active users of the gamer community have been ordering a branded energy drink. When it decided to develop the Respawn, the responsible team began to evaluate the energy drinks in the market. "[The team] concluded that most of them are to provide more physical energy, which results in fatigue after peak power, just the opposite of what eSports players and professionals need."

The company ensures that Respawn improves focus and attention, without leaving the body high rates of sugar and taurine, common ingredients in energy drinks. In its composition, the product counts on green tea extract, B vitamins (like choline) and 95mg of caffeine. The drink is zero sugar and has 20 calories per package.

With the release, Respawn becomes a standalone product from Razer, with its own corporation and a team focused on bringing mental performance to players.


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