Pendrives now work on iPad: understand why it took so long

Among the new features introduced in the WWDC 2019 , Apple finally met the demand of users and iOS 13 will allow the reading of external storage via USB-C, present in the iPad Pro. But why the delay took so long to arrive?

According to Apple's senior vice president of software engineering , Craig Federighi, the delay is justified by security concerns. "We did not want to leave the system folders and drivers communicating directly with the removable device, so we had to isolate the files in the kernel system - and that's a very difficult task and it took a lot of work from our engineers," the John Gruber, writer and analyst for Daring Fireball blog.

The upgrade will not only bring readability to these devices but will also give many other tools to iPad users. The system will also allow you to save data coming from external devices, compiling and unpacking folders, suggesting browsing application searches and keyboard shortcuts.

Currently, only the latest iPad Pro has USB-C inputs. However, Apple's new stance on this technology may indicate that more devices will come with the same input. Will we see new iPhones with the USB-C input? It remains to wait for the company announcement.


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