Outlook starts releasing embedded web translator in emails

A Microsoft is releasing a new feature that should facilitate Outlook users of life: a web translator embedded in the email.
The integrated Outlook translator works just like the Bing translator , which detects any language and translates it. The tool will appear at the top of the e-mail message. You will also be able to choose the option of never translating the content of a particular contact.

The new feature is not yet available for all users. In early May, Microsoft also updated Outlook so that it could send users e-mail notifications through the desktop.

Message Translator was introduced to Outlook by Microsoft (Photo: Reproduction / MSPowerUser)

These are not the first news that Microsoft announces for Outlook this year. Last month, the company began using artificial intelligence to make it easy to schedule meetings by email. Tools have been announced for appointment marking, document organization and even to indicate rooms and the best venues for the conversations to take place .


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