Oppo MeshTalk will allow calls and sending messages without Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or mobile data

After officially presenting the amazing and visionary camera technology under the display during the MWC Shanghai 2019 , now the Chinese giant Oppo stands out once again in the smartphone sector by presenting a unique technology that allows the sending of messages and unused telephone calls Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or mobile data.

Called MeshTalk , the engine uses signal relay between devices to provide a decentralized messaging system. With end-to-end encryption, the technology allows for use within a 3-km radius, or longer range if users are in an area with more people and connections

The use of signal relay technology between devices essentially means that OPPO devices will be able to create a local area network among them to communicate with each other without the need to involve third party network stations as external antennas.

Oppo said in an official Twitter post that this new feature would be better for messaging or emergency calls for crucial times, as low power allows devices to extend their standby to 72 hours, allowing people to communicate for a longer time even with the battery too low.

It is not clear when the company should bet on the technology, nor whether it will be possible to send information such as audio, videos and images. Oppo has confirmed that a custom low-power chipset allows you to use the LAN network and retransmit the communication system "between multiple Oppo devices when they are within range."

Doubts are definitely still greater than certainties, but the technology is already very impressive and can save many lives in areas of difficult access such as mountains or in cases of disasters, whether natural or human.

It is now time to wait for the company to provide more news about Oppo MeshTalk in the coming months. The Mobile Whole will keep an eye on all the major new information about the technology.


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