One more to the list! Google adds first dark view to Gmail

Gradually, Google has updated its applications with the much-desired dark mode. The Search app and Photos have recently been granted the feature. Now it looks like Gmail is about to be contemplated as well.

According to the Android Police website , the latest APK from the company's email tool already contains the first view of the dark mode. However, it would only appear sporadically in the settings - as shown in the screenshots below:

The images were taken from v2019.06.09. The feature is enabled and disabled at random, without any user command. It does not yet have a button to use or appear in the main window or sidebar.

The emergence at certain times would be an indicator that the dark mode would be close to being inserted into the application permanently. But for now, there is no timeframe for that.

The APK file for the v2019.06.09 edition of Gmail can be downloaded from the link below. Already the app in its regular version is available for Android and iOS, on the card after the text.

What are your expectations for the arrival of the dark mood in Gmail? Do not forget to leave your comment in the space below!


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