NVIDIA RTX SUPER line has specs, announcement date and leaked prices

NVIDIA is always bringing new features to the global graphics marketplace with the aim of providing its loyal customers with the best experiences of use in different activities. Recently information related to the price, specifications and date of product launches of the line ' RTX SUPER ' leaked on the internet, making clear the effort of the company to further boost their equipment in this family.

This information was shared with the public through VideoCardz , which left a detailed graphical comparison of the new GPUs with the versions released a few months ago. According to the shared data, the 'SUPER' models gained potentiation ranging from 15% to 16% when compared to normal RTX.

The figures show a real effort by NVIDIA to exceed the performance delivered by the Radeon RX 5000 line from AMD, which owns the second largest chip in the video card market and is the main competitor of the US technology giant.

Still according to the leak, the boards that will receive the nomenclature 'SUPER' are the RTX 2060, 2070 and 2080, managing to cover the main markets of the company's operations. The most "basic" model is under the speculation of suffering a price increase compared to its normal model due to the implementation of more memory, now counting with 8 GB.

Already the 2070 SUPER can cost $ 100 dollars less than the common, applying a surprising discount to those expected something more expensive. However, the top model of the three to be announced is likely to receive a reconfiguration to increase the number of cores and memory, something that should be directly reflected in the price.

In the table below it is possible to have a notion of the values ​​that can be applied by NVIDIA in its new GPUs, as well as the release date and availability to the market.


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