Moto Z4 powered by Microsoft Surface Pen

The Moto Z4 is coming out and this week one of its features, which has been hit by everyone, appeared discreetly on the web. A Reddit user claims he was able to test a Microsoft Surface Pen by pairing the accessory via Bluetooth .

The conversation was spotted by XDA Developers . According to jjsaturday, "it worked as you would expect, with pressure sensitivity and everything else" and with "the rubber button as a return button". He even posted some drawings made with the digital pen - incidentally, this is no longer a secret, since the product page itself describes this medium.

 It is worth noting that the gadget needs to be purchased separately. Well, that would be one more way to try to keep up with Motorola's consumer preference - mainly because, even though in the past the line was tied to the premium market, it's now only in the middle range.


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