Microsoft's Chromium Edge browser reaches Windows 7 and 8

Microsoft's Chromium Edge browser has just arrived on Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems. Availability is made one month after the browser's landing in Windows 10, and one week after it appears on MacOS. testing, Microsoft has promised daily security and stability updates, and the developer relationship channel for the browser will be managed by the company "logo."

Chromium Edge made a lot of noise when it was announced in December last year to use the Chromium engine as the foundation for Chrome, the browser of rival Google . The interesting thing is that Microsoft will make the new browser available for Windows 7 even though it has announced the end of support for the old operating system as early as January 2020.

"You'll find that the experience and layout of features in previous versions of Windows will generally be the same as Windows 10, including future 'Internet Explorer' mode support for enterprise customers," Microsoft said in a blog post of Edge. The exception to this rule, according to the company, will be the dark mode and the absence of Azure login support (ADA).

There is no date yet for the "official" release of Chromium Edge, but the trial version can be purchased by downloading the installer from the official Microsoft website.


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