Microsoft plans Surface with ARM-based Snapdragon platform

And it looks like Microsoft's Surface line fans will be presented with good processing power in the next issue of the product as rumors are pointing to a possible use of the ARM-based Snapdragon platform in that product.

The information was shared by Zac Bowden, WC, on his Twitter, leaking even the possible name of the product, which may be "Excalibur." This may be the foldable device that has been the subject of several speculations in recent months , which will still feature Always-Connected feature.

Still in the post, Zac makes it clear that this will be the first device to come with Qualcomm's 8cx series platform, which is called SCX8180. This chipset features Cortex-A76 from ARM, eight cores and a clock rate of 3 GHz to give a good speed to the equipment.

By the way, that processing unit that can be chosen to equip the Surface Excalibur performs similarly to the Intel Core i5 processor, so buyers will have no problems with the delivered speed.

There is not much information yet about price and availability in the market, but it is believed that it should hit the market by 2020.


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