Microsoft passes the $ 1 tri-mark in market value and leaves Apple behind

As seen by Bloomberg, Microsoft seems to live days of great happiness, as the price of its shares rose 7% in the last 5 sessions, reaching its highest appreciation in intraday trade, in addition to closing the day being evaluated above the mark of US $ 1 trillion the second time.

In comparison, in the same period Alphabet ended up falling 3.5% while Facebook saw a drop of 2.9%. The Apple , in turn, showed an increase of 9%, but the value is 18.2% below the record achieved by Apple on October 3, 2018. Thus, now Microsoft is worth $ 100 billion more than its nearest competitor.

Experts speculate that the great results presented by Microsoft are related to the low level of involvement with the hostile regulatory environment that revolves around large technology companies, as well as their strong involvement with corporate services, which are less likely to be affected by economic crises.

Alex J. Zukin, an analyst at Piper Jaffray, told Bloomberg that Microsoft is better positioned than ever to maintain its customer base in the event of an economic downturn, given "broad operating activity beyond IT."


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