LG G7 ThinQ finally begins to receive update for Android 9 Foot

The LG began to release the Android Pie for LG G7 thinq , update that was planned for early 2019, but had only reached the handsets sold in South Korea. The rest of the world had to wait until almost the middle of the year to receive the news of the most current version of the operating system.

Although the company is not one of the fastest to offer Android updates, maybe this time it was not just her fault. It is possible that the delay was caused by telephone operators operating outside of South Korea.

If the update has not yet knocked on your door, try to search for updates to your G7 ThinQ manually. If it indicates that the Android 9.0 Pie is available, make sure you are connected to a WiFi network, as the file has 1.4 GB. If nothing is found, have patience: the update is being released gradually, according to the homologation of the telephone operators.

The fact is that, finally, the Android Pie can reach your G7 ThinQ at any time. This is enough reason for you to feel more comfortable and start thinking about the news that you can enjoy, such as gesture navigation.

In Europe, some operators have already released the update. In the US, only Metro and Verizon have confirmed the update for now. 

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